i n t r o
- hii guys! below are some quick and easy hairstyle ideas! I hope these help!

b r a i d s
- three strand braid
- side braid
- french braid
- fishtail braid
- dutch braid
- four strand braid
- waterfall braid
- bohemian braid

b u n s
- messy bun
- donut bun
- braided bun
- classic bun
- dutch braid messy bun
- top knot
- double buns
- ballerina bun

p o n y t a i l
- low ponytail
- high ponytail
- classic ponytail
- braid leading to ponytail
- bubble ponytail
- e x t r a t i p : take a thin strand of your ponytail. wrap it around the hair tie & secure with bobby pins. this will cover up the hair tie for an elegant look.

h a i r d o w n
- straight
- curled
- wavy
- half up half down
- bangs pinned back
- natural

hope this article helped!

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