I'd start by getting as comfy and warm as you can:

✦wear a jumper, with some shorts (if like me, having socks and bottoms on under covers feels uncomfortable) or just wear some joggers/leggings

✦wear that hair up in a messy bun or something, keep it out of the way and get super cosy in bed or under blankets

✦being in a dark room with curtains closed and some fairy lights on feels so nice in my opinion! coloured ones are cute c:

✦for entertainment, i love to catch up with my favourite youtubers, and if im caught up i will find some new youtube makeup vids or autumn hauls
if not then listening to chill music is great and just chilling out while scrolling through tumblr or we heart it, or anything you like!

✦hot chocolate!!!!! (i dont like tea or coffee but thats good too)

✦also if you like art, like me, you could also just do some cute doodles

✦maybe watch some halloween movies!!
✦nightmare before christmas
✦Annabelle creation
✦edward scissorhands
✦the addams family

enjoy :))