in my eyes, you're the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

-why thing?

because you're prettier than the winter snow, the spring flowers, and the greatest rainbows to ever cross our sky.

in my hands, you're the one who i could always almost grab.

-why almost?

because every time i got too close, i pushed myself away. you were always just out of my reach. i was my own worst enemy.

in my nose, you were the whiff of the tasty food always cooking.

-why just a whiff?

because i could never trace where the smell was coming from. it was like walking down a new york street and being overwhelmed by the different energies hitting you, but never knowing which ones were coming from which person.

in my head, you were the best thing to ever happen to me.

-why were?

because now i realize you were tearing me down. you were every sense of comfort i craved and you held me back. i now realize i can be my own comfort and my own happiness.

i'm stronger because of you, but you'll always be there.


in my head.