1. I don't have a bestfriend/close connections outside my family.

purely because my ex bestfriend when I was 13, left me for someone else and it truly broke my heart as I genuinely thought we'd stick out anything.
I was lonely in school and had no-one to turn to as she was the only one I liked, it ruined me. So I will never let anyone as close again.

2. I was born in Ireland

yes the emerald isles. most of the stereotypes are true, we love a good drink and sing-song. I love being Irish and I never want to change that.

3. my step-dad died in my garden

yes at the age 13 [ just before my bff left me ], my step-dad who was with me and my family for 7 years was found dead in the back-garden in the early morning by my neighbour. He was laying there since early in the night.

4. i am a documentary hoe

My main source of entertainment on a Saturday night [and literally every night] comes from a good ol' documentary.
Science-based or history-based mainly.

5. I went on a girls holiday to greece and..

me and my friends got so drunk we booked a different flight back home and somehow ended up back at our home airport, perfectly fine with most of our luggage.

6. i hate summer

I literally hate it. I wish it wasn't a season. I am thankful I live in Ireland so we don't get much sun but damn it's just a pain in the ass. Nothing good about it. Especially since I have hay-fever.

7. i went through this horrific emo phase

it speaks for itself. unfortunately.

8. I plan everything

It dosent matter what it is. i have to have specific times for nearly everything and it has to be written down or else I fear that i'll forget it or something.
It's mentally draining. Though I still do it? I'm trying to stop.

9. i study forensic sciences and criminal psychology in uni

I like it, I do. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember, but honestly, it's not as amazing as it seems.
I feel like it's do-able and I will be moderately happy doing it in the future, but I don't want to be "just okay" I want to love my career. So I am re-thinking a few things atm. I don't know what to do.

10. I have watched Breaking Bad 8 times

Honestly it's nothing spectacular like 50 times but I think it's pretty damn impressive.
A lot of people say crap like "Breaking Bad is only something you can watch once", "nothings better than the first time".
I think it just gets better and better the more you watch it.
I highly recommend it if you've never seen it.

11. I am small

yes, laugh. I mean I'm 5'4 which is small, though not dwarf size, thankfully.
In times when I feel like a midget I like to laugh when I remember Kourtney Kardashian is 5'0 and Kim Kardashian is my height, it makes me happier to know my idols are the same size and they've achieved so much at their height so why can't I?

fam it's really that deep