So, today I was back on school (after the mexican earthquake): I saw my friends, my classmates, my teachers and my crush again after almost three weeks apart. As the day was going by, I realized something that I would like to talk about: Masks.

I´m not taking about the ones for a masquerade, I´m talking about the face that you want the world to see: the mask of a brave person, the mask of a sleepy one, maybe one of a hungry person.

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For example, I put my happy mask because I like to be a happy person. There were times in the day that I had my hungry mask, my worried one (earthquake stories) and my bored one, too.

I sat with one of my best friends all day long. In front of us, my crush was with his best friend (they are both our friends too).
As I was chit-chatting with my friend, he had this very cool actitude. He was making jokes and paying attention to the class. But, when my crush turned around and started talking to him, he suddenly had a supperiority actitude. He wasn´t at all the guy I know.

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I thought it was just me, but then I went looking for my actual best friend. I missed her and by message she said she wanted to see me so bad. What do you think happened when I got there? Yep, she didn´t care at all because she was with her other friends. She had a mask. She looked for me by herslef a couple of hours later saying the same things she said by message.

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And then it was my teacher. My biology teacher has always being the most strict of all, she doesn´t admit mistakes and she wants to work all the time. She had a professional mask. But today, when she saw all of us after the earthquake, she almost started crying, thanking God we were all okay. She hugged every single one of us. She was sentimental, she was wearing her sad mask.

I started thinking about myself, and I discovered that I have a lot of faces, too. When I am with my scandalous friends, I have a scandalous mask. When i´m by myself at my classroom, I´m shy and I don´t want to talk to anyone. When I´m with my crush, I´m the most boring and nervous person ever, but when I´m at class talking about something that I truly love, I´m the most interesting one.


Because we have masks to any situation in our lifes.

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Why do we have a mask for every person in our lives? Does this make us fake people? Or is it just an unconscious thing? Which of all mask it´s actually the one that defines us? Are all of them part of our personality? Do we actually have one face or is it just masks?

Just thinking

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