Fall is one of the loveliest seasons. Here's how to make it magical 🍁☔

Fall is on of the prettiest seasons, so why not go for a walk, or two?
Enjoy the crisp air, look at the leaves changing color and take a lot of pictures.

autumn autumn autumn autumn

Time to open a book
Fall is the perfect time to start reading. Get all snuggled up with a blanket, some pillows, some hot coco and your favorite book.

autumn autumn

A great way to get in the fall spirit, is to decorate. Fill your room with nice smelling candles, soft pillows, warm blankets, fairy lights and other stuff.

autumn autumn autumn bed

Sweater weather
Now that the weather i getting colder, it's finally time to bring out our comfy sweaters!

autumn autumn

Pumpkin spice 'n everything nice
Bake something and drink lot's of warm drinks. Hot coco and a pumpkin spice latte, are a must in fall.

autumn Cookies autumn autumn

Fall is the perfect opportunity to watch movies all day long. Gather your besties, your family or even your pets. Snuggle up on the couch, with some hot drinks and some popcorn.

Halloween, fall, and autumn image

Pumpkin carving!
Pumpkin carving is a must in fall. Grab your friends and family, and get creative.

autumn autumn autumn autumn

Well of cause it isn't fall without Halloween. Dress up, go trick or treating and maybe throw a little Halloween party.

black Halloween baby autumn

That was the end of my fall bucket list, i hope you liked it. I'm sorry if the grammar is incorrect sometimes, English isn't my 1'st language.

Anyways, i hope you'll find my little list use full:))
Thanks for reading.