i n t r o
- hii guys! below is my morning routine for school days! this is just what I do in my morning, but everyone has a different morning routine. enjoy!

6 : 0 0
- I wake up at this time and roll out of bed. I always drink a glass of iced water to wake myself up.
- I also feed my little cat and give him some water.

6 : 1 0
- now I go to my kitchen and make myself breakfast.
- this is my favorite time in the morning. I sit down and eat my breakfast while checking social media on my phone and just relax before my busy day.

6 : 2 5
- at this time I go to my bathroom and brush my teeth, wash my face and apply moisturizer.

6 : 3 5
- now I pick out my outfit, put on deodorant and get changed. for some reason getting changed takes me so long, idk why! anyone else have this problem?
- l i f e h a c k : to save time in the morning pick out your outfit the night before so that you save time and energy in the morning.

6 : 4 5
- this is the time where I start my everyday makeup routine.

7 : 0 0
- next, I fix my hair. I comb it and do a cute and simple hairstyle.

7 : 1 0
- lastly I spray myself with my favourite perfume and grab whatever books or papers I need for the day.

7 : 1 5
- finally I put on my shoes, jacket and I grab my bag to catch the bus for school.

hope this article helped!

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