Hello Everyone!

Even Thought I'm from the Caribbean where it's either really REALLY hot (like today) or the rain is falling like it's nobody's business, Autumn happens to be my favorite season ever.

From the fashion and the decorations to the Halloween specials on TV gets me so excited I'm surprised people don't think I'm crazy.
I'm starting off my Fall article collection with all things fashion.


Knitted & cotton sweaters are an absolute must for Fall.

autumn autumn bag autumn


I mean how can you say no to booties and thigh-high boots pared with leggings or skinny jeans?

aesthetic boots black boots


This year I decided to play with different colors in my hair. During Autumn there are some signature colors that you literally see everywhere!

beautiful dark curls Superthumb
Classic dark red/burgundy colors
blonde beauty hair blonde
Ombre Anything!


There's never a wrong time to wear dark eye makeup and lip colors, but everything just falls together perfectly this time of year

beauty beauty beauty beauty black girl Superthumb

That's it for now!

I had so much fun writing MY FIRST ARTICLE! Hopefully I can write some more soon.

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Thanks for reading,
xoxo Jalicia