For a long long time world had a lot of negativity, this has not changed much.
The only thing that has changed is our generation using more words like equality or tolerance. As if that makes us better people...
Anyway, I lost my point for a moment.
What I am trying to say is that even if we are more tolerant and accept each other more, we still find cultural things bothering us.

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One of the best examples I can give is when someone is talking ghetto or dressing how "black people would" then black people get mad! But aren't we all equal?
Or why is it so bad for a white person to dress in Harajuku style? They suddenly called unstylish or weird, while the Japanese are just very cute!

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Hell no! I can't call this equality! All of us have the right to dress or talk or look like we want to. That is what I would call equality.

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Another thing I can see is how we say we accept all races, but then white people hang out with whites, Asian with Asians and so on. And if you are the only white in Asian group you have yellow fever. Or if you are the only Asian with white people you are white-washed etc....
Are we so uncomfortable to hang out not thinking about our color?
Not saying, everyone, is like that, but mostly!

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Don't even make me talk about gender, sexuality or body-shaming.
So much bullshit at this 21st century of equality and tolerance.
Good time to be alive, right?

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I know you guys want to change this world too. And we all should start with our selves.
I missed so many important things in this article, but I know someone else will write about it. Let's make it happen REAL equality!

Love you no matter what!

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Be strong, brave, bold, be you!