Hi there :). This is the second day of the 15 days writing challenge. I really enjoyed writing my first article yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it and that you want to keep reading my next articles as well!

Day 2. Make a list of the things that you are grateful for ♡

my family; I am so very grateful for all the support and love my family has given me throughout my whole life. They have encouraged and helped me through both good and difficult times, I will always be thankful for having them by my side

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the country that I live in: I live in Norway, a great and beautiful country that has given me tons of magical and fantastic memories whilst growing up. I am so grateful to be able to live in a country with high equality-rate, amazing educational opportunities and good healthcare. And of course I have to mention the stunning nature in Norway as something that I will forever be grateful for

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my friends; The people that don't necessarily have to be there for me, but always are. I am so thankful for having an amazing group of friends that have helped me and made me laugh in times of need. Those people that I can tell anything without feeling judged or misunderstood by. I want to thank my friends for loving me for simply just being me

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my education; In our everyday life we might take the education system for granted. I am grateful for the opportunity I have gotten to get a good education. In other parts of the world some children don´t have access to free education or any education at all, some have to fight for their educational rights. Realize how blessed you are, cherish the fact that you can read, learn and write without having to worry about your safety

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entertainment; books, music, movies & tv series are a few examples on things that have been a part of shaping my identity and my form of living. Music makes me feel free and it makes it easier for me to express myself. I have learned the english language through reading books and watching television. I am in my own little bubble whilst reading, every new book I read is a new magical experience

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my body; my body is no way near where it should be health wise and it is currently recovering from me being to hard on myself - it is still able to do so much. I have lungs that can breath on their own, a heart that is beating, eyes that can see every part of this beautiful world, legs that allow me to climb mountains and ears that can listen to the birds sing outside of my bedroom window. My body is my temple and I have to treat it with love, it is a vessel of a precious life that is enough!

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art; art makes us in a good mood and it is a marvelous self expression tool - reading, dancing, singing, painting, etc. Art lets us express ourselves and I am grateful for every aspect of it. I personally love to draw, for me it´s like a magical escape from reality and I have currently started to paint more to release stress and emotion

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the incredible beauty of nature; sunsets, forests, hiking, mountains- nature has had a huge impact on my outlook on life. Breathing in fresh crisp air whilst listening to the birds sing is such a fantastic experience. The sun is a daily reminder that we can raise again from the darkness, that we can shine our own light

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I want to thank the universe for everything that I have in my life.
note to self; look around you and appreciate what you have. Another day is a blessing, don't take it for granted

I hope you enjoyed reading my second article here on WHI Here is the link if you also want to join the challenge: Kind regards, Andrea♡