Hello, hearters !

First of all, I've decided to try a type of article, so popular on We Heart It, and in generally so popular on social media !

Today, I start my first post related to FASHION. Nope, I'm not a beauty guru or fasion guru, just a girl who has a blog. Link in bio (description). Enjoy !

You still don't know what you can wear in a warmy day of autumn? No problem, I'm here ! :)

Wait ! I have a budget !

No problem, I will help you to found your inspiration for 0$.

How ?!

Just open your warderobe's doors!
Hussssssh ! Trust me !

I have no description, because it's an aestethic thing, I think it's so clear as a blue sky in a summer day. Only that...it's not summer.

fashion, style, and outfit image
1. Jeans
fashion, jeans, and style image
fashion, autumn, and fall image
coffee, autumn, and fall image

2. Cozy sweater :

black, roses, and red image

3. Shoes :

boots, shoes, and flowers image
autumn image
vans, shoes, and flowers image

Ok, fine ! I love floral prints ! I'm obsessed by them ! ♥

4. Accessories :

heart, necklace, and tiffany image
fashion, girl, and watch image

In the end, this autumn is a wonderful opportunity to realize just as wonderful things as your expectations are!

Appreciate this article if you liked and motivate me!

♥ All of love and peace! ♥

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