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Good morning/ evening everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, WHI decided to award a group of writers a badge as a token of appreciation for constantly posting new, creative articles.

I just want to say a big, public thank you to We Heart It for offering this simple, yet so powerful platform to express our feelings and create our own art. And for empowering young women -like myself- as well as all different people of all different groups to be courageful and share tips, thoughts, poems and what not with the world! WHI has always served as an endless source of inspiration for me.

I’ve joined WHI more than 3 years ago and I believe that the 'Articles' feature literally changed the website’s dynamic. We all see it; how it became so much more interactive and personal!

I feel so blessed to have been awarded the Recognized Writers badge!

An enormous thank you to WHI for appreciating my work and giving me so much more motivation to keep posting fresh articles! & An even bigger thank you goes out to all of you that have stumbled upon my poems and hearted/ added them to your collections! Without all of you, all my ‘art’ would have never been recognized! My heart still melts like soft butter to the thought and I would have never ever expected all of my scattered thoughts to be so well received.

Thank you,
Anna (Sunset S.)

Ps. My Articles collection in case you wanna stalk:

For more information on The Recognized Writers Program: