I'm falling apart.
I need to restart.
With someone new,
Exactly like you.
Don't know how I never realized it.
You are my perfect fit.
You always believed in me,
Even though you couldn't foresee.
For that I thank you,
It helped the real me come through.
The man before,
Hurt me down to the core.
Never listened to a word I'd spoken,
And left me sitting there broken.
Shattered into pieces,
My will to live decreases.
But then I met you,
And you came to my rescue.
You saved me from becoming a monster.
Even though I should've been a goner.
No words can truly describe how I feel about our love.
For in my head they all fall short of.
You are like no other,
You've helped me recover.
Left unstable.
But now I'm so grateful.
You are my life.
I will gladly be your wife.
I will love you forever.
And together we will endeavor.