i still love the people i've loved
even if i cross the road to avoid them.

i wish the moments we shared
didn't become memories.

i used to know everything about you
i used to know everything
i used to.

it's sad
knowing that meeting you again
is my worst fear
it's sad
because we used to talk about our worst fear
and how terrifying they were
it's sad
because i never taught
you'd become mine.

i really miss your mom.

i hate your new best friend
it's nothing personal
she just got all i ever wanted
she got all i had
she got all i lost

every night
i ask myself
does she miss me like i miss her
does she remember everything we had
does she wish to call me at 3am again
knowing i'll pick up the phone
does she even think about me at all
does she even remember me

thank god we don't have many pictures together
i don't know if i could look at them
and not cry

we had our future planned
our wedding
our houses
we had a whole puzzle
every pieces
but no ground to make it

knowing i could see you anywhere i go
gets me anxiety