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Yesterday evening while I was walking I heard an electric guitar go off an unbelievable
great sound and I can see who was playing with his guitar.

_At the center of the city was a man around 25-27 and had his guitar,
an sound box, its microphone, its coffee and its water.I liked it so much the sound that came out and I got some coffee and I sat for hours to hear him playing music with his guitar and singing.

Known songs with his own performance,
that I have heard the best in my life.I love music very much. I don't know how to play any musical instrument but I admire who knows.
I fell in love with his music, but not for he. I could hear him for ever. It had a very distinct voice, fine and wild, loud and calm.
I don't know how , but that the emotion that the musicians of the road go out is as distinct as that voice.
I could find him and tell him to go out, it would be very easy, but I'd rather meet him and hear him all night._

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I love the musicians of the road, really.