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I've been there, you've been there, we've all been there. Things don't turn out the way we plan and we end up feeling upset, like we've done something wrong. A lot of us despise being wrong.

Society has centered our minds on the idea that success is so easy, and that if it becomes difficult for you to achieve it... you're doing something wrong.

That's often why a C- on your report card breaks your heart, and an A+ brings you joy. We put so much emphasis on what a lot of us are doing wrong instead of what we are doing right!

From a business owner's perspective, I am still in my launching stage. I am building everything from the ground up on my own. Not a cent has been borrowed from anyone. Every expense is handled from my pocket.
I have come to realize that this sh*t is difficult. I came into this venture with loads of deadlines and ideas that I desired to execute as soon as possible. Then, things started to fall through. Last week, I had a delay on my paycheck due to bank issues which delayed the purchase of much needed items.
The gag is, it happened again just THIS WEEK and guess what?

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What's happening is... I'm retraining my mind. I had to conduct a pep talk in my head while showering this morning to convince myself that this is happening for a reason. Hardships happen for a reason.

The key: The key is to examine the upsides of situations in which we feel as if we've failed. We're so used to instant gratification that patience no longer registers in our normal lexicon anymore. Yes, I was upset because things didn't go as planned. That is human nature. However, I sat down... re centered myself, wrote in my journal, and am continuing to try to have a productive day. We have to remind ourselves not to stress over things that we cannot control.
Failure is a huge part of living, and I am teaching myself to view my mishaps as lessons (and who knows, it may even be a blessing).

-Girl Boss Elle