About 2 months ago, WHI gave me a notification letting me know I could submit a short story for a chance to get one free month of gold status. And apparently they liked it because I got to have the luxury of gold status for about month!
So I decided to share my story/poem-thing with all of you guys!

Green is one of the first colors you learn.

Green is the color of the trees, Mrs. Hudson said, that is, until we learned that trees were more complex than that.

Green, we agreed in the 2nd grade, was our favorite color.

Green, we learned, has endless amount of shades, and this phenomena baffled us two because it brought us out of the simplicity of childhood and into the complexity of the real world.

Green is the color of your eyes.

And Green, oddly enough, is also the color of jealousy, yet I did not see a speck of it behind your perfect eyes.

Green was the color of your shirt when you talked to me for the first time in months, and I thought we would be friends again.

But Green was the color of your sneakers when I saw you first walking down the hall with her... when you moved on.

Green was the color of my prom dress, and even though I went with him, I wore it because I remembered it was your favorite color... and maybe you would look at me like your look at her.

Green, meaning go, was the color of the light I passed through maybe a little too quickly, but I was justified in pressing he pedal a little to hard right? Because I had just seen you with her at the dance and you didn't even glance at me...

Green lines beeping at a steady pace were on a screen right above my hospital bed when I looked up to see your face furrowed in concern.

Green plants beside my bed, in which you explained, "Flowers are so overrated. Besides, green is your favorite color, right?"