hey, soooo
i saw everyone writing articles which made me want to do it too! i've always loved writing and blogging so, i guess, here's my chance!!
i love reading articles about style so i was really excited to make one for myself!
this is wat im wearing today:
(btw; all these pics aren't mine, i just used them as an example)

lets begin with haaair,

Mature image
i shaved all my hair off yesterday because i didn't know what to do with it anymore... i've also done this last year and everyone said i looked like Sinead Oconner, which is, ofcourse, a huge compliment!

ofcourse we also have a cute top,

turtleneck image
this exact turtle neck i bought from the Monki. i absolutely love the Monki as they have really good clothing for a reasonable price, this sweater i got for $20 (if i can remember correctly...)

of to the bottoms,

jeans image
almost these exact mom jeans but with just one knee rip. i really love mom jeans and the retro look the give! i got mine from the Bershka a couple weeks ago and they were just $25!! a great deal!

a little pant-accesoire maybe?

fashion, girl, and style image
i loned this very similar, brown belt from my dad 'cause my pants kept sliding of my ass, haha! (wish i had the fishnets tho...)

and you can't forget socks!

yellow, shoes, and aesthetic image
i got these really cute yellow sock also from the Monki, but mine have small, distressed faces on them, really cute!! i got them in a pack of 5 for $10. totally worth it!

and shoes are obviously the best part,

90s, band, and clothes image
i kinda collect doc martens shoes because they just sit so damn nice and they look cool as hell! i've recently been wearing these black boots and they look hella rad. i know a new pair of docs can get really pricey, so i always thrift mine. this par i got for $40!! best deal of my life, honestly.

i hope you enjoyed my ootd, i sure did!!
i think im gonna use this featur way more often so, i hope i see you around!