reasons to start bullet journaling

Hi everyone! I'm going to give you a few reasons to start bullet journaling.


In your bullet journal you can have different trackers to see what you should do better and just get an overview of your Life basically.
There are so many different trackers you can try, a few of them are sleep tracker, habit tracker, mood tracker and then you can of course make your own trackers.

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Bullet journaling is so affordable, the only thing you need is a pen and a notebook. I like to use the Leuchturm dotted notebook but you can use any notebook you like.
I also like to use different colors in my journal but you don't have to do that either.

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No rules

As you may have already figured out there is no rules when it comes to bullet journaling, just let your creativity flow. You can use it to just draw or write quotes, you can also use it as a planner or a diary.

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Monthly spread

Every month I like to do a monthly spread with trackers, reminders and quotes. I like to match the spread with the month. In October for example you can make a halloween spread and in December you can make a christmas spread, only you decide what you want to do with your journal.

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Thank you for reading my article! I hope ALL of you will start bullet journaling aftoer this, it's so fun!

(the Pictures down below are from my bullet journal)

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