"Work conquers all"

Sometimes we are not persistent enough to see our results. We ask ourselves why we started what we started. But we don't follow through. It happens, but we shouldn't do that. Yes, it's easy to say that but harder to do it.

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Make yourself a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and think about your plans,goals..

Does it make you wanna be committed to it? Does it make you wanna get up earlier some day and start actually doing it? Does it make you wanna leave the comfort zone and go out to reality?

"Work conquers all" means that our motivation, persistence and effort get us to our finish line, to our goal. It means that all of that crashes the obstacles that made us insecure at some points. Work is not just work. It involves us being constantly determined and ambitious. Is that bad? I think not.

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Moreover, work doesn't necessarily means you being a workaholic. Absolutely not. Ambitious people also have a need for unwinding and exploring themselves. All of that is a part of ourselves- the work and the fun. Always make sure you do what you love, because the way to your goals will be more interesting and adventurous.

Break those obstacles and don't let anyone ruin your determination. Your goals matter, and so do you. Just consider your personality as a combination of a gentle breeze and hazardous gale. Use the breeze to treat people around you and yourself, but leave the gale for the obstacles that may appear during your self-improving.

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Believe in yourself! That will get you places!