HEY! Today I´m writing another article about fall must haves, with the difference that this isn't about clothes or make up or anything like that. It´s especially for things like room decor... so, let´s start.


Candles make your room look so cozy, for real. Even if you don't light them, just place it on your desk, coffee table or on your nightstand. Buy them in pastel colors or a creamy white.


lay some blankets or one blanket over your bed or couch. When you´re cold you can lay it over yourself and even when you´re not it looks so cute.


Get all the blue´s, green´s and ´cold´ colors out of your room. In my opinion the fall is there to feel warm and homely and all the colors destroy the fall theme in your room.


last year I dried some leaves, which I found in my garden and hung them up in my room, which looked really cool. A cute and inexpensive idea, to make your room decorated for fall.


maybe you got a shelf in your room, then you can place some sweaters in there.

I hope you liked this article about fall essentials. See you soon. -H ♥︎