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I'm posting all the photos and news for a long time (bout 2 or 3 years). In these years i liked all the designers and brands collections. So here I wanted write my opinion about SS18. Anna Sui-She always has some high feelings on the materials and the soft&heavy, hard colors and she knows how to play with it. It's always chic&nice. This year she added some country or more like a festival style in her collection. There were very soft&thin materials and it's already looking comfortable for the body (see them from photos below). Tbh i just love her inner side of fashion. Dolce&Gabbana-They have a big biig role in fashion industry. Since 2010 they start to make it more and more elegant and trying remind us the Queen's age (I've no idea how to describe that) and making more luxurious womens style. In this year they had no golden crown but the headbands, collection was full of classy dresses and so on... Topshop-70's 80's looks are baaaaack!!!! It's like u can say that Topshop is always keepin that vintage, simple looking outfits, and the little details. And this year what they added on the coats ....outerwears it's not a new idea (or i cannot say it is) but so simple like less is more. Ans I think the main idea they're keeping is the right color combination. Moschino-Flower girls!!!!! In last years he started to add an interesting trade products shaped accessories on his collection. And the models he chosen are who can be more themselves when they're walkin on the runway. Moschino is always making the one and only designed things like everyone will stare at u when u wear it on the streets. And its something crazy (ideas) is always on his mind tbh. Jason Wu-Just so so magical, dreamy, fancy dresses every woman wants to wear. It's not possible to say in this years collections nice, oh this year was good... every year the dresses becoming more more fancy. The models are pretty good. Balmain-Maybe it's wrong to say anything to Oliver Roustenig's designs. Cause his not the one to get judged his work... While I started getting interested in fashion Balmain is one of the most strongest and unbeatable, the one who already got their role in this industry. Especially the best thing of Balmain is that the Army they consisted. And Oliver's runway walk after the models is so on his own like Alexander Wang.