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welcome back to my blog so today i am going to share with you the tips that help me to be and keep fit
if you aren't motivated then you can't have the courage to start getting fit
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going on a diet can help you lose weight but you can't give your body the best meals on a diet so instaed of dieting you should eat the right food like fruits vegetables eggs , etc......

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3- drink water
I know everyone say drink water but it really helps like when you drink a lot of water you skin will be better and clearer; you body will be healthier you brain will work more and you stomach will be so full so you won't eat junk foods to pass time or to keep you away from being hungry you have to drink daily at least 2 litres of water or more

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4-don't lose hope
I know sometimes you work hard and eat right but you don't see results it's oaky really because your body can't change in one night you have to wait and give your body the time he need to be fit don't ever lose hope and quit

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5- love your body
always remember yo are doing this because you love your body not because you hate you want the best for it . your body is your baby you should take good care of him

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