Superfoods are nutritional veggies and/or fruits with considerate amounts of beneficial ingredients inside of them. There are many superfoods out there ; kale , cacao, hemp seeds, kefir, and much more. Here is one superfood and its favourable benefits for many concerns.

Benefits of Chia Seeds
Overall :
Promotes healthy skin
Reduces signs of aging
Supports the heart and digestive system
Helps building stronger bones and muscles
Helps Dental health

Skin :

When it comes to skin benefits, chia seeds have the magic of being a natural substance with a high concentration of antioxidants.

What are antioxidants ?

Well, antioxidants help repair and protect the skin’s barrier by limiting the production of free radicals that damage skin cells and prevents further damage happening to it. Many use antioxidants for the prevention of premature skin aging due to inflammation.

Actually, in my skincare routine antioxidants are a “must” ! For having sensitive skin and acne prone antioxidants in my regimen is a favourite.
Health (digestive, heart, build muscle and lose weight, etc.)

Digestive :

Chia seeds, being high in fiber, helps balance insulin levels inside your body and benefits bowel regularity and health stool.

Building muscle and losing weight:

Additionally, chia seeds can absorb up to 10 times their own weight in water. Which means you feel full quicker and longer because it absorbs a considerable amount of water and, thus, can prolong hydration and improve the nutrient absorption of electrolytes.

A study was published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning” about chia seeds. They gave athletes the well-known sports drink “Gatorade” and others had to consume chia seeds in their diet. The conclusion of the study was that consuming chia seeds enhanced exercise performance for workouts that lasted 90 minutes same as the sports drink. The only difference between the 2 substances is that with chia seeds you don’t drink all the unhealthy sugar along the way.

But that’s not all, this superfood can also help your metabolism, reduces visceral adipose tissue (in other terms the protective cushion over your muscles, known as fat), and it can help increase leptin which is a hormone that regulates appetite, how your body spends energy, thus regulates your energy levels.

Heart Health:
- Reverse inflammation
- Regulate cholesterol
- Lower blood sugar (because it balances the insulin)
- Good concentration of Omega 3 which lowers blood pressure, bad
cholesterol and inflammation.
- Revers oxidative stress
- High in linolec acid which helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins
such as vitamin A, D, E and K.

Bones and dental health:

Chia seeds contain calcium in them. Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health as well as dental health. For the bones it helps bones maintain their strength and mass while for teeth, calcium is the building block.
But calcium isn’t the only thing helping the bones or dental health. Nature always has a way to keep balance. Boron found in these seeds helps to metabolize the calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus for the growth of our bones and muscles.

We can also find Zinc in them which prevents tartar by keeping the plaque from mineralizing onto your teeth and doubles the benefits with its antibacterial effect that keeps you form having bad breath.

Now here is the thing. No matter the reason you’re trying chia seeds or anything else , eat in moderation and always drink enough water. Just because chia absorbs water doesn’t mean you can stop drinking water all together. Just because they helps weight loss doesn’t mean that it’s the miracle key to it. Weight loss isn’t just about changing one meal a day, or adding salad as your side dish. You won’t lose weight just by eating few healthy things.

Weight loss is a change in your way of living and eating all together. If you aren’t ready to change your way of living (I’ve seen it many times), or if you don’t have the discipline to discipline yourself, or you’re just half-hearted with losing weight or getting healthy, you won’t achieve your goal. And if you do with half-hearted feelings, if you attain the desired weight, you can’t just go back to eating what you were eating before. Not only might you gain back what you lost, but you increase the chances of gaining even more weight.

Have a great day !

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