Hi everyone,

Today's #WhiChallenge ,started by @TypicalGirl48, is already number 15. Only 15 challenges more to go! Today I'll tell you which animal I would like to be, so have fun reading :)

unicorn, quote, and be yourself image


I am not really sure whether this is fair, since this is not a "real" animal. But I don't care, since I really think that unicorns are amazing and the challenge did not say that it can't be an imaginary animal :p

Unicorns are just amazing, since they are stunning and they can poop rainbows. They live forever and they can fly wherever they want to fly to. They have a dozen of glitters, and of course it's so cool that they have a great horn, which you can stab people with!

It's a short one today.. Anyways, thanks for reading XX