Hey, I am new here. I don't know how tot start an article, but I want to try something. Yea, I have to start now.

I want to tell you something about traveling.

I like traveling a lot, beacause in the Netherlands it ALWAYS raining and that is what I hate. I am telling you my top 3 of countries you have to visit an why you have to go.

1. Greece

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Greece is amazing! The people are nice and the wheater also. The white houses and the blue sea make your day always better.

2. Austria

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I think I am in love with snow. If you also love snow you have to visit Austria. Also the nature in the summer is beautiful.

3. Belgium

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Yea, Belgium is really close to the Netherlands, but in Belgium you can better shop and there waffles are everthing and THE CHOCOLATE!

That is my top 3 of countries you have to visit some day.

XO Janna