15 Muharram 1439

Dearest pen
My oldest friend
Do tell me how you've been?...

I never thought I'd have to use you again.

Such a silly girl I am, as I now sit before you with my heart twisted and my hands wringing
Chest shredded by how the shards of my broken heart has been stinging

I thought the sun had risen but I've heard about false dawns
Yet I heeded not
Now I have no clue where I reside
In this foggy field
Because at the end of the day of this never ending night
No one remained
And I was left by my lonesome
Without a heart, a light, or a clue of which direction was home.

Hush, dearest heart
When has your Rabb ever left you to your lonesome?
And when has he ever left you to feel as if you must be reliant on another one of His servants?
When He has given you strength that no other soul will ever know
What a shame that they will never witness such strength within you
Fortunately, any soul can bear witness to being the strongest person they know, as they are the only ones with themselves to witness all they have survived
So why do you give unfortunate tidings to the pen, my love?
Take it as a companion, on your journey to find the true dawn