this is a challenge for myself.
it is something that i am writing to make this true to myself and a certainty. well, let's hope that it is.

i have exams coming up, and right now it's the time to knuckle down.

in the upcoming amount of time, i will:

- use an actual clock to set my alarm on each morning.
it's a teeny tiny clock, and yes, the ticking is something i will have to get used to - but this means that i will HAVE to get out of bed, and i can't press the snooze button a billion times.

- turn off my phone during the day.
this is a big one. i never used to be one that got distracted by their phone too much but this year i have found myself purposely procrastinating and it feels HORRIBLE! I hate it. i hate being glued to my phone and not being able to get off it. it honestly uses up so much time and just imagine how much time we would have in a day if we didn't spend so much time staring at a screen!
so, this means that I will RESIST the urge and i will limit myself to only using my phone for an hour a day.
this is hard, but it's something i really need to do.

- sleep at a better time.
throughout pretty much this whole year i have been sleeping at around midnight (this might not be too late for some of you, but it's terrible when you're aiming to wake up early in the morning and you go to bed late; it doesn't really ever work out does it? and the next morning - so pretty much every morning - i feel groggy and i just can't focus

- go for more walks.
as of recently, the sun has been setting later and so i feel a lot more motivated to go outside - and, i hate that i even have to feel this way because i'm a girl and for some messed up reason this makes everything like 10x more dangerous for us, but it feels a lot safer when it's light outside. which is always good.
- side note: i took the bus by myself for the first time today! this might seem like a really small thing, but it was a tad scary for me but a good step i needed to take. i'm making progress people. yay!

- set my goals for the following day every night (or, let's hope most nights)
i think it's so efficient and a lot better when small goals for the next day are set the night before. this is because i always end up saying 'oh yes, of course i need a whole episode of gilmore girls to figure out what i want to do today!' and even then, i actually never know what i want to do during the day; i have no direction. seriously, i always say i have so much work but i don't know how to start the work!

- study hard!
well, isn't this one generic. but seriously, i need to. i need to work really hard. i need to be motivated and i need to be willing to put in the work and just do it! i've been feeling quite down and at a barrier regarding my studies recently. i don't know why. it's rather odd, but seriously - i need to make this count. i just need to sit down and get to the point.

- write an article on weheartit every morning before i do work!
i mean, this might be a long shot, but i think it will be good alongside all of these other 'goals-that-im-holding-myself-accountable-to'
first of all, it will actually mean that i am excited to start being productive for the day, so it's quicker for me to get into actually doing something - like a warm up!
and second of all, it's actually really good for me to be doing some sort of writing. i need to. and this has become the perfect platform. it's a good goal and it something productive but also a hobby. i know this is important as i should have some balance. it's progress - even if it isn't to do with study.
(p.s. i will also write down on my small goals list every night what i want to write in my article the next morning!! this works well i think. oh dear, let's hope i can actually do this..)

well there we go folks!
if there is absolutely anyone reading this, or reading this far, you are a special bean and i like you a lot already. thanks for having the patience to read this far.
perhaps i will update you all on how this is going? yes, perhaps that is a good idea.

and a lil note to myself:
... you better try to frickin do these things okay? yup. do it. it'll pay off in the end. cool beans :)