What does it mean to fly too close to the sun?
To aspire for so much that you end up destroying yourself and with that all that you’ve ever hoped to stand for.
It’s a well popular tale that has descended upon us from the yore of Greek mythology. The tragic tale of Icarus.
King Minos punishes Daedalus for insubordination by imprisoning him along with his son, Icarus in a large un-navigable labyrinth that had been of his own making. Doomed to a life deprived of freedom and forced to endure the agony of having to watch his son suffer the same fate, Daedalus sets out to build a mighty contraption that will help them escape the clutches of the great maze. It would take great skill, of which he had plenty and time, of which he had very little for he was old, weary and at the end of his tether. Using wax and feathers, he puts together two large pairs of wings in secrecy from the King.
Daedalus invested the last reserves of his strength into helping him see his son regain his lost freedom. With these wings, they flew past their dark, wretched prison, celebrating the wonderful breeze whipping past them and bathing in the warm touch of uncorrupted sunshine. In his euphoria Icarus sets forth gaily to conquer the skies and know the world for his own. His youthful exuberance pushing him to zip past his father and fly higher and higher into the endless blue.