Dear Gintama fans

I just saw a big spoiling picture a big developement between okita and kagura

I am so surprised and soo happy but most of all hyped!!
I mean what caused kagura to hug okita from all people

Don't worry I ship them a lot!! the moment I saw them in different scenes
So this comes as a big surprise that kagura actually hugged that crazy guy!!!

anyway the slip arc, the comedy season is out!! so first we laugh our ass off and when we get to the serious stuff (arc) maybe we get to see the reason why she hugged him!! I love how serious okita looks< I'm still soo silently surprised... well I'm no manga reader and I'm glad because I hate spoilers but I'm fine with this one tho well maybe it would have a bigger effect if I got to see it on screen rather than a random raw uploaded on this site...

But i'm glad i got this off my mind...

you can find the picture in my gintama collection if you want to see it