Halloween Costume Ideas!

"Sticky fingers, tired feet; One last house, 'Trick or Treat!'"

October 6, 2017

As Halloween is quickly approaching many of us need costumes for the evening! Here I've collected some cute and clever costumes for friends and couples!

~ 1 Person Costumes ~

Going to a Halloween party? Why not dress up in something by yourself and show how freaky or hot you can be!

Use this image as a guide for a cute scarecrow look or make one up! Pair this look with a flannel and some pants. Oh, and don't forget the shoes and the straw hat!

Halloween, makeup, and costume image

Yes, I know this is going to be popping up everywhere because of you know Stranger Things.
Find a cute pink dress and a blonde wig. Also don't forget the iconic socks as that's how you can defientely define the character.

autumn, cool, and costume image

Seen the movie IT? If you haven't you'll still be able to tell the iconic horror clown by the red balloon. This look would be fantastic! Just imagine if you also had Pennywises smile/pout down to perfection!?

Halloween, makeup, and clown image clown, costumes, and Halloween image

Harley Quinn
Yes, I totally understand that Harley Quinn was last years rage doesn't mean you can't dress up as the character this year! I really think the outfit is cool but if it's too revealing just cover up!

cosplay, costume, and harley quinn image

Sugar Skull
I have an obsession with sugar skulls for an unknown reason. I just love the patterns and everything! → I guess that is my reason...
One thing I would suggest with this look is a classic flower crown just to top it off!

Halloween, makeup, and make up image

~ Couples ~

Dressing up with your partner is actually so cute! I just love seeing people dressed up as childhood characters etc.

Superman and Wonder Woman
Even these two characters aren't a couple in the comics or practically anything, when people say Supermans girlfriend many people go straight for Wonder Woman and that I can't argue against.

couple, Halloween, and love image

Pikachu and Ash
I think this is a very cute idea. I don't know much about Pokemon but I at least know the characters and a bit of the story line to tell.

couple, costume, and Halloween image

Bert and Mary Poppins
If you're dressing up as Bert have a chimney sweeper and the hat to help identify him and Mary Poppins well.. the umbrella, hat and suitcase.

Mary Poppins, costume, and couple image

Sheldon and Amy
Big Bang has a lot of viewers so it'll be easy to tell + it's really cute too! Just make the classic red top with the bolt and Amy's sweater!

costume, amy, and Halloween image

Shaggy and Velma
Yep, I did just add it to the list, because why not?! They are sooo iconic → I've said iconic a lot whoops
But they had to be the best "love interest" in both the show and the movies.

Halloween image

~ Friends ~

Going out with your friends? Then check this out!

Peanutbutter Jelly
You can easily DIY this at home. Just buy some shirts and transfer paper!

friendship, friends, and girls image

Zombie Slayers
Just rip up some white shirts and cover them in fake blood!

Abusive image

Mean Girls
Dress up as the Mean Girls from their Halloween party! It's cute and sassy!

mean girls, Halloween, and movie image

Netflix and Chill
Another easy DIY Halloween costume to do at home! Don't forget with the chill to add little snowflakes!

bff, Halloween, and netflix & chill image

Mario and Luigi
Dress up as these iconic characters! Everyone will be able to tell who you are and they won't have to ask what are you wearing! It's super cute and smart! You could even swap the hats so you can be half Mario and half Luigi as well!

kendall jenner, cara delevingne, and model image

I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration! If you would like a certain type of article just DM and I'll see what I can do!
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