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Today's article is about my other favorite thing to do, the first is taking pictures and this is make up. I'm doing my own make up when it's about to going out and everyday I'm exercise to do it better and I think I'm doing really good. I love make up but not that make up the too much make up I don't like it at all, it looks so fake when a girl put too much make up. If you want to put a lot make up try to not being very quantity and it will be also beautiful trust me.

We start with my favorite is nude make up.
I think is the most beautiful and it looks gorgeous even in the night and I think for wherever you are going.

eyes beauty
makeup, Nude, and lipstick image
I'm in love with nude colours for lips I have so many and I want to buy even more. I like brown colours for lips and eyes.
fall, makeup, and autumn image
girl, beauty, and makeup image

These is so beautiful and so easy look you can do. She is so pretty.

Next we have more smokey and little bit dark colours.

beautiful beauty beauty beauty
So in love with this colours.

Dark lips are my favorite.

beauty beauty beauty beauty

A little tip about brushes.
If you doing your make up every day and you use more dark eyeshadows you have to wash your brushes more times than regular to keep them clear and your sponges too.

makeup, Brushes, and girls image

And the last fall make up/Halloween.

Superthumb autumn autumn Halloween

Check out my collection of beauty:

Hope you like it!

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