1. Eat a caramel apple

aesthetic apple apple apples

2. Read a good book

autumn aesthetic

3. Pick up chestnuts,acorns,leaves,pine cones

acorn Superthumb autumn autumn

4.Start a new series

article elena glee frozen

5. Open a blog

cafe image

6. Paint on leaves,wood etc.

art Superthumb

7. Write a diary/scrapbook

Superthumb art

8. Tell stories around the fire

gif, winter, and last days image

9. Jump in pile of leaves

Superthumb autumn

10. Eat chestnuts

autumn food

11.Roast marshmallows

autumn autumn

12. Roast pumpkin seeds

autumn Superthumb

13. Complete a puzzle

autumn, coffee, and home image

14. Play games

fall, autumn, and leaves image