A Vision Board is a place where you put a collection of images of the things you what, the things you want to do, how you want your life to be, your wishes, your goals... This place can be a board, a wall, a door, even in a notebook, whenever you feel you will have that daily reminder of your desires.

Having a daily reminder of your dreams will attract those things into your life. Here's where the Law of Attraction appears. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on, it uses the power of the mind to materialize into reality whatever is in our thoughts.

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Has it ever happened to you that you are thinking about an old friend and that same day you receive a call or a message of that person?

Now that we know this, let's use that power. Let's go back to the Vision Boards.

Creating a Vision Board will make you think about your life. The first step:

1. Clarity

Knowing exactly how you want your life to be, what you want to be and how you want to be will help you reach everything faster, because you have a clear thought about yourself and what you think and focus on will materialize into reality. Answer this questions to yourself:

  • How do I want my life to be?
  • How do I see myself in ten years? And where?
  • Do I want to be independent?
  • What is my dream job?
  • How much money do I want?
Give detailed answers. Details are the key. Example: I want to be a business woman, I want to have in the bank more than 5 million euros...

Look up photos of the things you want, for example: do you want to travel the world? Look up photos of different countries. Do you want to be a successful business woman? Look up photos of other successful women. Do you want a lot of money? Look up photos of euros or dollars. Do you want to have your own house? Find the photo of your dream house....

Image by d a n i dress, luxury, and hair image luxury and money image house, luxury, and home image

Second step:

2. Make the Vision Board

Now that you have a clear vision of yourself, put those photos in a place you see everyday when you wake up, or where you go by often. Take a few seconds to see the photos.

Image by Leonie Madleen Image by Leonie Madleen room, bedroom, and home image bedroom, decor, and office image

Third step:

3. Visualize

Feel like you already have the things in those images, that will help you feel happy and attract them faster. Take time to imagine yourself in the house of your dreams, driving the car that you want, travelling to the places you want to go...

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I also want to say that you can even have a Vision Board in WHI, here there are two of my collections where I save things I love and my dream home:

Do you want me to write an article about the Law of Attraction? Or do you want me to talk about my Vision Board? Just let me know!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed writing about it. Inspiring other people is one of the things I love the most! -Alison G.

PD: Working on my first book! Hopefully it will be a best seller ;)