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1.- Zoella Everybody knows Zoella. She's so lovely. I absolutely love everything she does and her accent of course. Christmas videos are the best, such an inspiration.
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2.- Marzia Marzia's videos are everything I'm living for. She's the cuteeeest. I really love her style and edits. My favorite part is when Felix rates the food in cooking videos.
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3.- Jess Conte Jess is such an angel. She is so beautiful, I can't stop watching her videos, she´s so kind and I could listen her all day. Makes me feel blessed everytime I see her haha LoveuJesssss
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4.- Patry Jordan I love her laugh and hair. And I love more her beauty and hair advices. I've learnt a lot with her. Her voice is always so calm that I don't want the video never ends