This is the first article I have ever written, and what better than to talk a little about what I really like (if you haven't caught on to that yet, it's clothing)? This list will show mainly what I wear to school / outside (not a guide or advice article).

  • Hoodies & Sweaters

The idea of snuggling up into an oversized top is just very ♡♡♡ And they are easy to match, whether they are just plain colored or embroidered. With shorts, or jeans, or leggings, or skirts... so many to choose from.

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  • Skirts

For me, it's either pleated / skater / mini skirts. They are all very flattering.

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  • Shirts

While I am not one for crop shirts, I really like ringer / printed shirts! You can match them easily with jeans, shorts, or skirts.

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  • Overalls

They can be adorable, or elegant, or boyish looking, whether they are a dress / shorts, long / short. You can choose to wear a sweater or just a shirt underneath it. It will look nice either way!

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  • Belts

They just add more to the look, don't you think? And they secure your bottom clothing too.

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  • Socks & Shoes

Ankle socks (patterned or not) with velcro shoes is my choice, for any season. Some may think velcro shoes are for kids, but they actually look really nice!

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  • Accessories

Chokers, oversize round glasses, and beanie (fall & winter only) are go-to for me.

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Thank you for reading this article :)