As someone who deals with very high number of anxiety attacks and panic attacks I know that it can get so frustrating and it can be so hard to go around doing everyday activities that seem so simple to other. So here a few helpful tips that can help you cope with your anxiety because sometimes just "breathing" doesn't help.

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1. Distract you mind
Do you every get that feeling where you just zone out of something and are in your head. If you have experienced this before then you know that you usually are not aware of what is going on around you or sometimes you are but rather you are focusing on your thoughts. If you can teach yourself to do this in situations where your feeling anxious it can help you with coping with your anxiety.

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2.Remind yourself how short life is and how no one remembers things as well as you do
That time when you accidentally tripped over your own shoes you remember that? you remember how embarrassing it was? well guess what? no one else does, in fact no one even cares. So stop getting anxious and telling yourself about what you might do wrong or everything that could go wrong instead remind yourself how in a few years this little moment is just going to be a memory and one you will rarely think about.

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3.Listen to music
This is related to the first one where you distract your mind to thinking of something else or focusing on your thoughts rather then your anxiety. Listening to music really helps especially if its a song that you really like and get lost in also singing or saying the words along with the song in your head or out loud (if you are brave enough to) also helps.

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4. Breathing training/Meditation
Meditation/Yoga is very helpful for you health but it also helps with your anxiety and calms you. Also breathing training is known to relax your mind. Both these things can affect your anxiety if you give them a try

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5.Consider Medication
Sometimes things like this are uncontrollable and medication may be the only way. So take a look at anxiety medication, ask your docor, You don't have to rush into the medication but consider taking medication for your anxiety.

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6. Take risks
This is something you may get told all the time but sadly it's true if you don't take risks you are not going to get anywhere. Exposure to this kind of stuff is very vital for you to help you overcome your anxiety

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7.Confide in someone
Find someone you can trust and tell them about your anxiety, if you don't have anyone you trust or are new to a place straight up ask them if you can hang with them because you don't know anybody else I'm sure they will say yes and if they don't that too is fine. This once happened to me where I really wanted someone I knew to be with me at my first job shift but I didn't have anyone and I couldn't ask anyone else because I thought it would be weird however later on one of the other girls ended up asking me if she could stay with me during our shifts and it turned out great

Two articles in a week! I hope this helps at least one person out there. Even if it doesn't I'm still glad I wrote it because it does help me. Hope you enjoyed the article and bye for now.