Maybe I never wanted to open my eyes and see.
Maybe it was always there, you know? But I never wanted to see.
Maybe I was to blame.
Or maybe it was you...
But... Who is guilty of growing up?

I see now, which is you.
But at the same time it is not.
It seems you... it just seems.
And there's nothing worse than just looking.

Your friendship is very important to me.
So much that I would forget everything else.
I would live on this false promise.
Of eternal friendship.
But I don't know if you still know that promise.

In fact, I feel like I don't know you anymore.
Is your name still the same?
Do you still live in the same place?
Is your favorite color still black?
I think not.

I think we've changed too much.
So much so that for you, all the way that I think is wrong.

We used to say that I did not want to be those people who forget.
That years pass and they think: "I knew her before"
Maybe someday we're meant to be like this.
Maybe one day I'll come by and think, "It was very important in my life. She went."
And we went.
We will go.
Although to far away from each other.

Maybe I've never really met you.
Just maybe.
Maybe it's really just my fault.
For deceiving me.
Or for deceiving you.

Maybe I never wanted to open my eyes and see...
That it was not you.
But what if it's really you?

P.S.: Thanks for read my article :)