Hello!~~~ I'm going to be doing BTS ideal type. The first one is Jeon Jungkook! Next I'm doing Park Jimin. These are all the things I know. OH and also these are not all facts some,are just things. Don't change yourself because you want to be Jungkook Ideal Type, you are perfect in you own way. Hope you enjoy!

Jungkook would call his future girlfriend~ Darling, Honey

Jungkook said that the color of underwear woman should wear is black.

He want to name is future son ''Jeonsan" cause he thinks it sounds cute.

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Jungkook doesn't like flat chested girls.

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Q. Would you sing a song to a woman you care about?
Jungkook: '' I have never written a song lyrics to a girl, But I will write a song if I ever liked someone.

Jungkooks favorite scent/perfume is~ ''The scent of the wind and greenery the moment spring arrives. Long time ago, on a spring day, I went biking along the river while listening to music together with Rapmonster-san and V-san. I felt the unique beginning of springs atmosphere, my heart gets excited when I remember that day, it becomes an enjoyable feeling.

What Jungkook likes in a girl.
*He likes cute girls.

*He likes girls that wear similar clothes to him.

*When she wears oversized clothes.

*He LOVES it when girl teach him new things.

*When she likes him for who he truly is not because he is Jungkook from BTS.

*He likes a girl who is mature, caring and protective

*He likes girls that are smart girls. (that is truly everybody ARMY)

*He likes girls who will play video games with him.

*He loves a girl that is confident and says whatever in her heart with no fear.

*When she knows how to take care of him, working out and takes care of her beauty.

*Jungkook hates being called OPPA. He prefers baby or Jungkook-ah

*How he will confess to the girl you like: ''your mine''.

*Jungkook favorite letters are: U and I

How to Annoy Jungkook:
~Take away his white t-shirts and sweatpants from him.

~Don't let him sleep

~Visit his room without taking a shower.

~Wake him up

~Delete his Overwatch Characters

~Use his things when you want to.

Jungkook likes in a girl P.2

-When she has long black hair and double eyelids.

-A girl who wears natural makeup.

-Jungkook used to want his girl to speak Korean (so that she can communicate with him) but he's been learning English these day ;).

-Someone who is good and nice to kids because he wants 2 kids in the future.

-When She maintains a gorgeous healthy figure by working out daily and has well balanced muscles.

-When she's dressed with black and grey tones because it's similar to his style.

-A girl who's mature enough to teach him new things through a relationship.

-He needs a girl who can wake him up, because he does not wake up.

-When she is Smart and quite intelligent because he's the kind of man to be impressed, when a girl brings out a theory and teach him something.

-He prefers a girl that can cook but he said it doesn't matter as much if she doesn't know how to cook.

-When she can pull off both straight and wavy hair.

-A girl is wife material

-He said he preferred dating a Noona. (But hey anything could happen)

-When she's shorter than him and has beautiful long legs

How to use instruction by Jungkook.
*Please say ''what are you doing'' once a day.
*Please give him banana mil when he gets depressed/stressed
*Please give him a ''game set'' when he gets bored.

-Jungkook once said he'd change his meal plan to fit accordingly to what his girl wants to eat.

-Jungkook said he was okay with long distance relationship.

-If his girlfriend cries, he'd try his best to make her smile rather comfort her quietly.

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Q. The girl you like just got dumped and is crying
A. (Answer by Jungkook) ''Lets go get something to eat I have to tell you something''

-When she's genuine and plays along with him when he jokes around.

-A girl who states what she likes and dislikes with no fear and isn't afraid to voice her point of view and fights for what she wants.

-A girl who's hardworking and passionate about what she likes.

-Someone who is nice and kind because delicate girls are his weakness

-When she is an ARMY

-When she wears skirts.

-Jungkook prefers Charisma (sexy) over Aegyo (cute).

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Q. A very manly wedding proposal.
"Be mine"
''I'm not really manly but if the fans like it , I'll work harder and become more manly''

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Q. A girl you don't like confessed and how would you reject her without hurting her?
A. ''Can I say something to be honest, I don't see you as a girl.
After a while
''I was clearly joking''

-He doesn't have any plans of getting married anytime soon and showed his discontentment towards the idea, as he thought it'd be too rushed for him to get married at a young age.

WOW!! That's is it for right now. I will make more but when I get more information. I collected all of this data on my own! crazy huh?! Next I said I'm doing Park Jimin. Don't change because you want to be Jungkooks ideal type. You never know, he might love you for who you are. (what am I saying he already loves you). Well I have nothing else to say so...Bye!!! See you later!!