Imagine that when a human being dies, all that he is, all of his personality, all of his stories and memories, basically all his soul, goes to a place where there's no time and no space. And even though there's no sense of time the soul waits until a baby to be born, so it can return to earth.

Tons of babies are given birth every single moment, all around the world, but the soul isn't going to rebirth in any baby. Instead, it is going to the one that will be raised in the environment best suited to that soul. That is, the life that is given to it, is the life that will make it grow in the brightest way possible.

But in order for that to happen, the soul has to be present to acknowledge the life that has been given to it, that is all the opportunities that are given to it in order for it to actually fulfill its purpose of growing and evolving.

In every life that the soul lives here on earth, it grows a bit. And every lesson that it learns, goes to its baggage for its future lives. It's like the soul is continually being recycled as it becomes wiser and wiser.

In each life, the soul hosts a different body. And that's the first earthy like thing that it has to face and learn with. And by no means that's an easy task by itself, because the body is physical and is programmed to function by the rules of earth's nature. In the code of any being of this planet one can read "Give continuity to your specie!". But the essence of the soul's code is much broader: it says "grow". It has no business in the specie that its host belongs to. It can be human, as it can be non-human, like a cat, or a dog, or a dolphin, or an elephant.

So for all the course of our life, we live in this constant battle between what our soul lives for and our body needs. And sometimes, or maybe, quite often, if we don't take care of the needs of our bodies, it won't enable us to get access to our soul and its ancient wisdom.

In order to get to our soul, we need to be connected to our body first. We must nurture it so it doesn't feel threatened. Only then one can reach all the pure wisdom of our soul. It encapsulates knowledge that goes from what and how to eat to how to live well in society and the importance of community.

And if at first one thinks that we need others to satisfy our body and ego, once we get access to our soul, we rapidly understand that our need for others goes beyond the physicality of this earth. Our soul has the best opportunity to grow in the lives that are given to it, because in each one of them, it comes across other souls, that is, other people, other animals, other living beings.

When soul meets soul, when universe meets universe, that's all that it is.
That's the essence of our life here on earth: to connect our souls to others, so every soul can evolve, together.

All that we see, all this physicality and desires are means of allowing us to do that. Our body is given to us to navigate this world. The material things are given to us to keep our body safe and nurtured. Others exist so we can connect and grow our souls in the universe.

The universe thrives for and equilibrium state, and evolved souls connected with each other bring equilibrium to the universe. If you look closely, the disharmony that pops up in the world, happens when humans are disconnected from their souls and live trapped in their animal body, only living to fulfill its frugal desires and so its ultimate fear doesn´t become reality. That ultimate fear is not being able to give continuity to our specie.