Hey, everyone, my name is Aaliyah and this is my first time writing on here. Because I haven't written something in a relatively long time I decided to do this 30 Day Writing Challenge starting from ... TODAY.

As seen by the title, on my very first day I will write about something that I am very confident about, and this is SOCIAL MEDIA. Now, don't get me wrong only judging by the title of this article. I love social media and I am a very frequent user of it, however, I do agree that there are a few problems that come from the use of it. Some of these problems I have faced them myself.

I would like to start with one social media that I truly don't like and that is MUSICAL.LY. ( To all of those who will get mad because of this, please relax and let me finish my point. ) Its idea is quite simple and seems like good fun, nothing more. The way it is used, not at all. As soon as you open this app all you see is kids lipsyncing to songs containing terms that shouldn't even be known at their age. Just let me give you some examples of these themes: sex, drugs and alcohol. Not only do those kids lip sync to these songs, they also act like that.
Then we have the infamous people of the same type as Katja Krasavice who seem to be on the wrong site ( PornHub where you at? ). And also let's not forget people like Jacob Sartorius who just seem to be growing up way too fast. As the old saying says, in the end of the tunnel there is also a light, we also have those who do comedy videos and are actually quite good at it.

This next one is something that I have seen it happen so many times and even though everyone knows about it, everyone continues to do it. I am talking about Facebook, the website that brought a revolution on the way internet is used and for those who dislike social media, it is the one to blame. Facebook is a social media used to share content and communicate with friends and sometimes relatives and family. Up to here, everything is fine, and then the twisted side of it starts showing. A lot of people are posting only the good side of theirs. Judging by their photos, one could say that they are living the dream life, however, in most cases, this is not so. Facebook has now become a way of creating the perfect virtual life even though a perfect life might not be the best description for the real life.

Following this, we have self-esteem and body issues problems, fueled by networks such as Instagram. A lot of young girls are influenced by all of the glamorous and the attention that all of these beautiful models get. It gets quite tempting to start comparing ourselves to them often forgetting that there are a lot of things at play such as lighting, premium filters, exceptional makeup skills etc.

Another problem is the addiction created by them. It is quite possible to want to try all the new filters and get quite obsessed with them. ( Yes I am pointing fingers at Snapchat.) However, this one is more related to the fun side of social media.

This last one derives from what was mentioned above. Addiction leads to isolation and not just any kind of isolation. In this one, it is only you and your phone ( or laptop, it depends ). The others are just well quite literally speaking on the other side.

These were only a few problems that I have encountered while using social networks. By writing this article it may seem as if I am being a hypocrite as I am also a part of the problem, however, it is a good thing joining those who can easily identify all of these issues and more. But identifying it really is not enough. Something is needed to be done and WE the users of them are the only ones who can do something regarding this. If we only complain and complain, it is more likely that the only thing we will accomplish is put a bad name to ourselves.


I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts and don't forget to follow me and join me in this challenge that I decided to start.