Yes, I think we've all heard BS&T, Not today, Dope, Fire and DNA but what about the other songs? Are you sure you've heard all the BTS songs? or at least those that deserve to be heard, right? stay to see some of them:

First u need to know one thing

These songs are just a little of the many that deserve to hear them, to clarify "only SOME", well without more to say, let's begin
..... ♡......
1. The Stars 🌟

A song with a motivational lyrics, talks about how you can pursue your dreams and shine like stars

2. Born Singer 🌙

One of my favorite songs and probably one of the most emotional, the story behind this song touches you so much in the heart, because in the lyrics everything is told that they had to go through and yet they did not give up


This song can mean a lot, and it's even more beautiful than I can say, even they have dedicated it to their fandom (ARMY) , I will not say anything else.

4. Good Day ⛅️

This song has a rhythm so relaxing, so good to hear on a day when everything is cloudy, and then you will understand the meaning of "A good day"

5. Converse High 👟

The rhythm of this song is very young, in my point of view talks about that money is not necessary because when you fall in love with a person, you fall in love with that person, not the money of that person, and you love as she is or he is.

6. Coffee ☕️

One of my favorites, the rhythm of this song is so relaxing and addictive, it's perfect, even comparing the types of coffee is perfect, a song you need to listen to.

7. Jump 🙇‍♀️

One of my favorite things about this song is probably the Voice of Taehyung, a very energetic song that will leave you as a task to listen to because I decided to leave you a question :

Who should jump?

8. Whalien 52 🐳

A metaphor, the whale represents you and your insecurities, a beautiful song, and a perfect rhythm

9. Young Forever 🏃

A short song why not?, one that transmits so much emotion (especially in the part of Hoseok), a song that speaks of the transition that we have from Adolescents to adults

10. House Of Cards ♣️

Okay I admit it I feel so sexy when I listen to this song,lmao. A seductive song with a seductive lyrics, I really do not know because you have not heard it yet is totally sexy, you really need to listen to it.

..... ♡......

if I know, not only all the songs, I will divide them into parts - since they are too many for me - so wait for the second part - Too soon in Spanish too ❣️

-Kris ♡