Have you ever been so in love that you've reached that point where no matter how hard you try not to think of it, you feel all of it more than you ever felt anything or more than you ever thought you would? Is this love that you feel also forbidden or impossible and wrong? If yes, then I feel your pain and I am so sorry for what you're going through. I've been there too.

Love is just as poisonous as it is pleasant. And unfortunately, if you are experiencing what's just been described, you probably feel those thorns around your heart that won't allow you to move on. You can't get over some of the facts, you probably didn't get an answer or you've fallen for the totally wrong soul. Whichever your reason is, you feel broken, torn to pieces and you can't breathe without aching. The thing is, you don't want to feel different, you love this ache because you love this person. You feel stuck, you want to either go to the darkest places not to ever come back or.. the impossible.

You shift through all the things, memories, encounters etc; that you've been through with that soul or at least the ones you imagined to have been through and it hurts but at the same time it feels amazing. After a while you reach a point where you decide you want to break free of these chains because they've entrapped you and you can't move in any direction with your life. You might feel like you're not worth it or that you have made every single wrong choice but you know it needs to stay in the past even though you can still feel all of it ache around you and inside you.

It is almost impossible to think about anything else other than him or her. You cannot put yourself ahead when you're in it so deep. They come first no matter what even though they're not yours. After a while it starts to just feel wrong when you see that it is impossible. That's when you try to regain some of that control, to get back to yourself, to get out of that fog.

You fight and fight, it seems pointless for a while as you can still feel it. But then, maybe there is hope. You catch onto something, and hold your grasp onto it, wishing to get out, wishing to be saved, not to be hurt anymore. Eventually you make it out and you're able to breathe once again. You finally see that life is beautiful once more without them in your life. However, what do you do if you can still feel that even after you've tried so hard, for so long? What's the purpose of love, if it still hurts loving them after all this time? Are you simply labelling yourself as crazy? Sick? Can you still call it love? Even though you feel it is of the purest good essence of your soul?

Well, if you have gotten out of it, I'm extremely happy for you and I wish you never go through that again and.. if you're still there, know that you're not alone. Not now, not ever.

Words for thought.