Hey guys.
Good to be back.
It's been a while from my last( actully my first) post.
I feel like in the past few months i destroyed my life over and over again.
I fell in love with the wrong person, i lost somebody that i loved, i stopped talking with some friends, and so much more...
I felt terrible when i realise that i'm in college now, that i'm a grown-up now, that i have responsabilities and i don't have so much time for drama...
I wasn't a person who thought meeting new people is so simple..and in the past week i smiled so much that i felt like my cheeks will explode, but i was prond of myself.
I understood that every thing that happens in our life has a meaning, and we just have to pay attention on that meaning. we have to open our eyes and see what is right in front of us, we have to read between lines sometimes, but in the end in every situation we find ourselves is something we have to learn.
If you think you destroyed your life, look closer..is it really destroyed? Or it isn't just what you wanted it to be?
If the answer on the last question is yes..your life isn't destroyed at all..it just changes..fot the better.
YOU became an adult now, you make your life look the way you want it.
That is a really good thing.
I realise this and now I no longer believe my life is destroyed, but just changed.
Look for your life change! It's worth it, I assure you!