Our relationship was like a long car ride, it was slow and sweet until the very end where so much happened and we had so little time to brace ourselves, for me to brace myself, to what was coming.
You probably knew what you were doing and you don't regret it, you've made that very clear.

I wanted more and you wanted less,
we weren't compatible,
we decided it was for the best.

No I wanted you and you wanted someone else,
We were meant to be, because I molded myself to suit you.
You decided that you had enough of the drama, enough of the arguments, enough of me.

It's not fair.
It's not fair that you get to break me like this without repercussions, you don't get to move on, to not feel.

But I would do it all again, because with you I was alive, the nights were filled with joy and I loved the person I was with you.
I had you and I would do anything to have you once again.