Day 15. Make an Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer bucket list.

Hey everyone. For this last day, I'm gonna write a bucket list:) I'm kinda sad, cuz it's the last day of this challenge but I hope you'll like the last article:))

Let's get started with Autumn, cuz it's autumn.
➤ drink coffee - I am absolutely coffee addicted, so this will be easy for me:)
➤ go for long walks in the nature - okay I hate walking for no reasons, but I love autumn colors so much so I wanna go for a walk:D
➤ listen to November Rain on the first rainy day of November
➤ watch all the Harry Potter films -cuz I love Harry Potter so much, so why not!
➤ buy sweatshirts - I have no sweatshirts, I always hated them, but few days before I realized I can buy a sweatshirt with Nirvana/ Black Sabbath/ etc logo with is, so I definitely will!
➤ go to a Queen concert -I can't wait!!!
➤ dress up for myself for Halloween
➤ wear my Docs with flannels
➤ wear my biker jacket and ripped jeans and some cool stuffs

➤ go skiing -I actually don't like skiing, I prefer snowboarding
➤ build a snowman with my brothers
➤ play in the snow -(the kid speak from inside me, lol)
➤ drink hot tea and coffee
➤wear cute beanie
➤ lying in my bed and watch videos
➤ wear UGGs -I won't, for two reasons: 1) I have no money, and I don't want my parents to buy me such an expensive shoes 2) I know myself and if I had a UGG I would probably wear like twice...

➤ biker jacket, ripped jeans and time for Converse time again!
➤ god I love the smell of spring!
➤ buy some new cactus
➤ go to London/Paris/Krakkow or somewhere during the spring break

➤ nap
➤ sleep
➤ go to festivals or concerts
➤ go to America to study English or just on a holiday hehe:D
➤ practice guitar and piano more
➤ dye my hair more red, I have natural ginger hair but I want it to be more reddish
➤ use my bandanas more because they're cool

I think that is all, thank you for reading this (or all!) my articles, I'm glad you were here:) If u want, u can send me a postcard I love talking and making internet friends:)

If u liked this 15 articles, I hope u'll find interesting the "30 Days Music Challenge" which I will do next!

Thank you so much for the time you spent on me:)
Love, Emese