If you are a book lover and you sometimes feel like you don't belong and others think you're weird, please read this!
Today at school I heard somebody disscusing about a friend of mine, saying that she is boring, just because she' s a reader. Not an usual type of reader, but a classic book reader who dedicates all her time for reading.

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I know we are living in an era when technology rules the world, but I see no point in giving up reading. It' s funny how our generation forgot where it all began. But who's going to tell them their history if it is not a book?

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Bibliophile do not discover only history, but also live a thousand lives, meet fictional characters who stay in their hearts and teach them what life is about. People do not understand this easily and they underestimate books' value.

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It doesn't even matter what genre you are reading. All bookworms are different, they think different, choosing with their hearts when it comes to buying a book. Adults consider that the young should read only classics and people your age believe that only contemporary literature should be read. So what do you do? The answer is simple. You read what you like, don't let others' opinions determine your interests. Why you should you always care about their point of view?

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So, booknerd, don't stop. Be yourself, pretend that nobody is watching while you're reading. There will be always somebody who says you have too many books or you read what you should not. Be happy because you're a booknerd and you have what others don't: an infinity of worlds to explore!

Letter from another booknerd,