This is to all you people out there who have a broken family.

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I know how you feel. Living with a broken family isn't like living with a broken heart or living with an illness, because you feel like nobody can relate. You feel like everyone has this picture perfect family while you are stuck there with this broken mess of a family that you have to call your own.
You wake up everyday and put on your smile and pretend like you didn't cry yourself to sleep last night, simply because no one is supposed to know what's going on. It would ruin your reputation and not only yours but your whole familys'. And nobody wants that. So every singe family member of yours wakes up everyday and puts on his mask.

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And you feel this emptyness because of all your lies. Because of course you are fine, why wouldn't you be? Everything is perfect. Lie.

There is this one question stuck in your head.
Why me?
Why can't my mother care for me like all the other mothers do?
Why didn't my parents break up when they should have?
Why did he leave?
Why me?

And you feel alone. Alone because not even your siblings understand even if they are in the exact same position as you are. And you can't even talk about it with your best friend because she wouldn't understand. Her family is perfect.

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I will tell you something now. Go and tell someone. You will be surprised.

One of your closests friends could be in the exact same position as you are and you wouldn't even know because everyone always puts on a smile.

Trust me on this, you are not alone.
You just have to find that one person and you will.
I promise.