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Tonight we shall put our pyjama's on and get a bag of crisps (salted lays
ofc) with some hot choc and chocolate chip cookies or anything you fancy, light some candles and cozy up in the bed with some of the nicest animation movies.
Well, i'mma give you quite a selection of them, so i think there's one for every mood you could possibly be in after an autumnal day, so i hope you'll like them as much as i do. And if you know me, even from animation movies for kids, i like the one's that are not only cute af and will enchant you with the amazing visuals but also have some quite serious topic in them or maybe it is just me who can put serious emotions and meaning in anything on earth...god, the little emo biatch i am..anyways
I always tell people to watch the animation movies they saw from when they were kids, because it's really funny, there's quite a difference when you're watching something as a kid and when watching as an adult.
When you're a kid you'll scream on how cute the little animals and characters and you're just can't get enough of all those things happening and mooving on the screen or you're just fall asleep right after the movie starts,but when your an adult you still scream your soul out how cute the bunny is in the movie that the other's will laugh on how much of a child you are, but you also see the meaning in the movie which youcan also see as a kid, but as an adult you can fill them with your own life experiments and that's how even a "stupid" kid'a animation can make you emotional as well. God, i wish i could still be a kid.
Alright, after my usual wearisome prologue let's see what you might gonna watch in the near future.


balloons couple disney disney

This animation movie will break your little heart into it's pieces, so be ready and bring some tissues and a teddy bear to hug whilst watching it, 'cause it's one of the most beautiful animation movies of all time.
It's the one that was in my opinion rather made for the young adult and the older age group, 'cause i don't think i would have understood it as a little kiddo why this movie is so good, you have to be a bit mature for this one. I'm not gonna say anymore than, it's sappy, funny, and lovely at the same time. Oh, and what it is about? True Love and Real Life. And the visuals, no words. Fascinating implementation from the animators.

Arthur Christmas

Superthumb Superthumb

Yeh, babes, christmas came early this year. I know the run up 'til christmas isn't really hear just yet, especially when there isn't even halloween, but you know what? Who cares, we all know if the tv chanel's can air xmas movies during summer we can rightfully watch them at fall time. It's a lovely story about Santa and his sons, how they save christmas, it's really funny and the characters are lovely as well, it's also safe to watch with younger kids, 'cause as we all know Santa does exists, and sometimes he's just too busy and let our parents do the dirtywork, but in this movie they do it themselves. So if your little siblings are crying next to you to watch a movie with them it's the best choice 'cause it's visuals are amazing and it's really gonna get you in the christmas spirit, and will make you laugh and feel emotional at the same time.


disney Superthumb

France, the Seine, a famous restaurant, and a rat that not only can talk but cook as well, and when i say cook, i really mean it. This little chef's story will amaze you in so many ways and i know i say this all the time, but just becaues it's true these movies i picked for you are visually some of the most beautiful and satisfying ones of this decade. It always leaves me with an open mouth what kind of magic animator can do. And this is one of them, it's a really unsophisticated story so i think you're gonna enjoy it if you haven't seen it before; oh and for consumption i recommend a big bowl of spaghetti if you're before dinner than some popcorn for snack and if you're not really keen on rodents in the kitchen, then a glass of water will do.

The Secret Life of Pets

Superthumb the secret life of pets

So, this isn't quite an old one, but one of the cutest from all the movies.
This is the one whilst watching i was screaming like a 5 year old that omg, i wanna stroke, hug and kiss and love that bunny for eveer. Yeah, i felt a bit embarrased too while i was doing it, but you know what, i haven't seen a cuter animated fluffball in my life. The hype of this movie was legit so big, and i think everyone ate it up with the biggest spoon ever, and then it wasn't really about what they promised, anyways.
What i love about this movie is not the plot, that could have been better, what is really admirable is the voices of the animals. Like they chose the best voice cast for these little cuties, they are like the human version of each animal in the movie, and i think you know by know which one is my favorite. Yeah, as i said, i've never seen a cuter fluffball bunny than Snowball in my life, but i also never seen a bunny who's this cute and badass at the same time, Kevin Heart, men, you're a genious. Snowball is a real gangsta. They couldn't chose a better person to give the voice of this delirious, bloodthirsty predator in a fluffy bunny's coat, then Kevin Heart. But as i said the other actor's voice fit the animal's voices this amazingly as well. So the essence of this movie isn't really what they do when we don't see them, but their lovely personalities, so everything is about the little characters in this movie. Basically, if you want to have a nice chilled evening, you want to cheer yourself up, then you know what to do,oh, and i bet you won't laugh at me after you've find yourself screaming at your tv screen. No, don't be ashamed, we've all been there, it's okay to have a little bit of a meltdown in case of cuteness overload.


Superthumb Superthumb

I remember when my brother came home from the cinema when we were kids and he told me they watched this movie with their class then we watched it. I didn't really like the idea of a giant elephant and some strange somethings in a movie, so i didn't pay any attention to it. Then i got a bit older and watched it, and i fell in love with the whole story and the characters as well. As i said before it's the kind of animation you have to be a bit mature or you'll get bored, but maybe it's just for me, whatever. It's definately on the funnier side, so once again, if you want something with quality content but you also wanna have fun at the same time, then Horton, the giant elephant will not leave you without some good old lols.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Superthumb bat

I know, but what about the first one? I absolutely loved that one as well, but last year, in summer i laughed my butt of on this one.
Once again, amazing animation, the characters are really funny, and you shouldn't be afraid of this movie, as i was, yes, i don't like action and horror movies, they are too much for my precious little soul.(lol) so i was like ok, it's an animation but still about a vampire, i wanna sleep at night without lamp, thank you. Then it came on the television and i watched it with my mom, and we both liked it even though we didn't expected it to be that good, so when i saw that there's a second one as well, that time i was really excited to see it and let me tell you it outdone the first one. It's hilarious so you should definately get some friends and watch it to have some lols together on these lovely old bastards and their children.

gif and hotel transylvania image


coraline coraline

Yeah, i just said that i was afraid of watching Hotel Transylvania as an 18 year old, but back then when i saw this one, i was about 9 or 10. And i wasn't scared even for a moment. Kids are strange right? Well this masterpiece didn't came from my old love, Tim Burton, but i always thought he made this movie, nevermind. But the visuals still give me Burton vibes, maybe because of the stop motion. Not maybe, surely.
To be honest as an adult i wouldn't say that i would watch this for a light nighttime story, so thank god back then i wasn't this much of a wimp i am now, 'cause i know i wouldn't sleep after watching it with one of my friends at their house in the afternoon. I remember that i was really fascinated by this movie, that was the day when my love for stop motion animation was born. I think there's something about it that gives you the vibe of old time cartoons and make you feel nostalgic and that's what makes them this fascinating. So basically it's a thriller, horror, fantasy movie as the lovely wikipedia told me, so i am really happy that i was at my friend's house that day and she put this on the tv while we were talking and playing something, 'cause by seeing the category of this movie now, i don't think i would have wanted to watch it on my own, but i would have missed out on something great, so i'm happy i didn't. And you shouldn't do that neither.

coraline coraline


art animal

Okay, so i don't know how many of you have read my previous articles, but if you did, you'll remember that i said something like some movies just come at the right time to me. And this was one of them. This year i've been through a lot of sh*t time and the start of summer wasn't an exception neither. I spent most of my time at the dentist's and it was a nightmare. I wasn't able to eat properly and that made my already not so good weight even more bad, and to ease the situiation for you the imagine, i was eating baby food, with a coffee spoon, yeah, the situation in my mouth was that bad, thanks, genes. So i was having a really shit time that day and it was rainy and i was just done with everything. I was searching for something new to see in the video library of the tv when i came across Moana, and i heard some people moaning about how good it is, so i watched the trailer and i was like, mom we have to see this. And let me tell you, that was one of my best decisions this summer. It's the loveliest musical animation on earth. It was that good that during that two days 'til it was rented out i watched it at least five times, and even my mom watched it with me, and she never does that with movies, so if this doesn't make you want to see it, then i don't know what will.
Oh maybe if i tell you that their's a piggy in it that is as cute as Snowball in the Secret life of pets and a little guy who's voice is not anyone but the Rock himself, and he sings a little song as well, then i have nothing else to add than screams out babes, 'cause you'll be not only visually and musically satisfied but your soul will change back to its' kidself and there's nothing better than a movie which has that effect, it will make you forget about your worries, 'cause i can guarantee you'll have the time of your life whilst watching it.

gif image

Alright, that's it for today, i hope you're gonna have a lovely time watching these animations and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and my other articles, 'cause it really means so much to me that so many of you like them. Have a wonderful day and i'll see you in my next article!

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Coverimage by Andres Iga on Unsplash