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Hello Lovely Hearters!

It was quite difficult and really personal to write this challenge, but I feel great for finally ‘’talking’’ about it, if you know what I mean? Here is my answer to challenge number six;

What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

One of the hardest things I have ever experienced is properly the situation with my ex-boyfriend. We only dated for like 6 months but I really liked him, so of course it hurt when he broke it off and never bothered to even look at me again.

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We have known each other since we both were 6-7 years old, since we went to school together and was in the same class until graduation 10 years later. We were not best friends nor really good friends, but we were friends and we have played together when we were young (with other friends too, but still).

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To cut to the chase, I was really good friends with my ex-boyfriend’s best friend. My ex somehow found that unacceptable and he wanted our friend to cut the contact with me because we had broken up. Bullshit, right?! I will always be hurt by that because, how can you even get yourself to do something like that? I once meant the world to you, why am I suddenly poison?

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That is something that will forever be unforgettable. I really am trying to forget and to be honest, it’s in the way back of my mind, but somehow I can’t completely forget it. Yes, I am over my ex, as in O-V-E-R, but the situation with our friend is just unforgettable. I lost a really good friend, thanks to my ex-boyfriend!

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That's all from me. *awkward wave*

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